Camino: Back on…

The sabbatical is back on and so is The Way: The Camino de Santiago. As some of you may recall, this was to happen in 2020, but 2020 happened and the world came to a screeching halt. My prayer is that the delta variant won’t cause the same, because on the Wednesday after Easter next year the sabbatical begins and I leave for Rome the following week where I’ll spend ten days, followed by a trip to St. Jean Pied de Port to begin the great pilgrimage of 500 miles across Spain (and more, because I’m still planning to continue on to Muxía. An additional 50 miles.)

“Captain! We have a problem.” I have grown again (it is always an issue) and I’ve fallen out of shape, so yesterday I joined the YMCA. I will now begin the process of paying the piper for my gluttony, and with only seven months to go, I can’t wait any longer. Why the Y? Because day after day we have had heat advisories and it just isn’t possible to do the amount of necessary exercise outdoors… at least not for me. I would like to live long enough to actually make the journey.

The scales this morning say I have thirty-five pounds to lose in order to be at the goal weight. That’s five pounds a month and very doable. Should you see me with any non-healthy foods in my hands, feel free to slap them out and then to slap me on the back of the head. For those stopping by for supper… think salmon, salads, rabbit food.

Game on…

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