Second Father Anthony Mystery: BOOK RELEASE!

The Second Father Anthony Savel Mystery is now available on Amazon. Click on the cover image to be directed to the Amazon page.

Wannabe junior detective Father Anthony Savel and the congregation of St. Matthew’s Cathedral have recovered from the shocking murder of the Dean of the Cathedral that occurred a year ago. All is returning to normal except for the upcoming election of a new Bishop for the Diocese. Father Anthony, Miss Avery, Detective Stavlo, and Zekey the wonder poodle could have all remained in peace had it not been for a crash of thunder, a tripped-up acolyte, and another dead body in the cathedral. Church can be murder, and when the pointy hat, purple jeweled ring, and big stick (all signs of the bishop) are up for grabs, no one is safe.

A must-read for fans of the Fr. Brown, Mitford, and Cadfael series.

Fiction: The Death of Fr. Anthony Savel

A few months back I joined the Enid Writers’ Club. It has really provided some motivation and encouragement for the writing of the next Fr. Anthony novel. As part of each meeting, there is a Roll Call where each member reads a piece of 150 words or less based on a given topic prompt. The prompt for this month: Have one of your characters or poems give you writing advice. Everyone reads and everyone votes. This month I tied for the prize and I’m beaming like a little kid who won the hot dog eating contest.

Photo by Joe Calata on Unsplash

Father Anthony climbed the stairs to the top of the bell tower, more than a hundred feet up.  The wall surrounding the uppermost landing was only eighteen inches, so he always stood at a safe distance.

“Hey, what are we doing up here?”

Unbeknownst to Father Anthony, Elvis, the custodian had eaten his lunch on the landing and had accidentally left a banana peel lying directly in Father Anthony’s path.  Had Father Anthony been more observant, he would have seen it and been more careful.

“What do you mean, ‘More observant’?  I see it.  It’s right there.”

Father Anthony took the last step of his life.

“Wait!  What do you mean the last step of my life?!  Look!  Is this about the plot hole in the last chapter?  I can fix that. I’m your main character!  You can’t kill me.”

He slipped. He fell.

“You son of aaaaaaaa…..”

He died.

Fear not. Fr. Anthony is a bit fluffy these days and simply bounced around, eventually landing on his feet.

Novels: Shameless plug…

As the header states, this is a shameless plug for The Golden Fistula. The price has been lowered to $.99 for the eBook and will eventually go to free (just in case you’re holding out for the real bargain.) Trying to do one more sales run before the second book in the series, The Marble Finger, comes out, which will hopefully be by the end of the year. That said, click the image below to order your copy today!

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