Travel: Italy (Day Six)

We opted to ease into the day and did not start rolling until around 10:30, which I thought was just fine because Heidi was determined to go and visit a garden today. Growing up, I saw plenty of gardens but… I’m getting ahead of myself.

There was a Caravaggio in a museum that Heidi wanted to see but today I was more interested in breakfast, so while they trekked off to the museum I looked for the all American breakfast and I found it at Pizzeria Toto atto II: The Fiortenia (tomato, fiordilatte, Tuscan Salami and Pecorino Toscano.) Deliciousness!

Afterwards I made my way to the gardens, anticipating a certain bored contentment. I was very wrong and I should have known that I would be wrong since Heidi was so keen on going. Had she mentioned or had I done any homework I would’ve known that the gardens began in the 15th centuries and would later become the personal gardens of the Medici family. They were expanded on by following dynasties to eleven acres. Essentially, the gardens are the backyard of the Pallazo Pitti, the home purchased by Cosimo I de’ Medici. We put in at least 8,000 steps and didn’t see half.

There are fountains of Neptune, an amphitheater, countless statues, large green spaces, tree arched walkways, a small manmade island, etc, but is the all the flowers and plants that you have come to see. These are just a few.

Orange trees.

The gardens and ponds were works of art.

By the end I was so tired that I just had to ride my turtle home.

We are back home and it is late afternoon. We’ve been staying out much later but this evening we have to pack. Tomorrow we have a 10:45 a.m. train taking us to that place where all roads lead…

Looks like I’ll be crossing the Tiber after all. 😉

3 Replies to “Travel: Italy (Day Six)”

  1. Beautiful pics John! Thanks for sharing your pics & your stories & thoughts!

    Can hardly wait to start our trip! Wish you could stay longer for Ben & Jac’s wedding, and super bummed you won’t be the one “tying their knot”…

    Life is frequently throwing curve balls I just can’t hit…. Oh well!!!

    Anyway, enjoying your Italy blog & photos. Praying that you keep having a wonderful time!

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