Opinion: Oxygen is a Basic Human Right

You will likely be offended…

What if we decided that a person’s right to oxygen was more important than a ten minute joy ride in space?

What if we decided that children should not be soldiers instead of being offended that someone might use our preferred pronoun when speaking to/of us?

What if we decided that raising people out of poverty where they live in garbage was more important than a film festival?

What if lives in India mattered as much as lives anywhere else?

What if a drink of water meant more than you getting to work faster?

You can call me a communist or something worse for thinking these “what ifs”, but I think of it as being a Christian. St. Paul would not rest until the sisters and brothers cared for those around them. Why do we?

Oxygen is a basic human right. What if we worked on solving this and then work our way up to the joy rides of our own egos and offenses. I am offended that we are not.

That is all.

9 Replies to “Opinion: Oxygen is a Basic Human Right”

  1. Preferring to help others is the opposite of communism where the leaders get rich at the expense of the populace. Spending massive amounts of money for a ten minute carnival ride is both stupid and selfish. Fame is fleeting and I’m sure you don’t get brownie points when you face your God.

  2. If all else falls to persuade opponents, you could always resort to a public goods argument for air being a basic human right.

    After all , how does one effectively alienate the oxygen supply of the entire planet?

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