Journal: June 25, 2021

Having completed the Sunday sermon and chores, I have been scanning Amazon Prime for a Friday afternoon matinee. What do the following four movies have in common?

Well [duh]. Daniel Radcliffe. I’ve seen them all and to tell you the truth, I think “Harry Potter” is doing some great work. One not shown is Horns, based on the Joe Hill novel (read it). I’ve seen that one as well, but think I should watch again before I give it an honest review, but even though I’m uncertain about the movie, Radcliffe was good. The Woman in Black was also entertaining, just not all that scary. He’s got about four of five others out there that I haven’t seen yet, but when they pop up on Prime, I will give them a day in court… just like a slice key lime pie (name that movie!) It is also nice to see that these are mostly independent films and that he is lending his talent and name to a new generation of film makers. All that to say, I’m off to watch… not one of these, but my favorite monster movie…

… and that was fun!

Confession: I love to cook and most of the time… kinda tasty. That said, I remember cooking as far back as grade school (boiling potatoes, etc), but I’ve also never really known any pots and pans that were not teflon coated (or teflon peeling, because, let’s face it, with those early teflon coated pans, we ate more of the teflon than what remained on the pan, and you didn’t throw them out until most of it was gone!) So, cooking with all this teflon, I’ve grown up with a great fear. A fear that brought on nightmares of three hour soaks and scouring pads cutting into your fingers from all the scrubbing. Yes. I confess. I have been afraid of the stainless steel cookware, but… not any more!!!

I got my first set this week. Unboxed it and stared at it for a couple of days as it sat taunting me on the stove: “I dare you. I double dog dare you. You’ll be pitching me in the landfill after your first scrambled eggs!” Well, the scrambled eggs worked out ‘almost’ perfectly this morning (the pan was just a bit too hot), but tonight for dinner…

Just say, Yum. Pan came out perfectly clean with a little soap and water. Three tricks: preheat the pan prior to putting anything (no oil, butter… nothin’) in it, let what you’re cooking sit a bit before messing with it (didn’t even look at the chicken for five minutes and could have gone longer), and deglaze all the tasty bits when you’re done with the cooking. There are all sorts of good videos on YouTube to help you along.

What did I learn today: God is good, trolls are real, stainless steel pans are excellent (and add another level to the cooking experience), I am highly entertained by little things, and wild flowers don’t last very long in a vase.

Thought for the day: “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” ― Julia Child. Maybe I’m wrong, but that just might apply to some aspects of life as well.

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