Journal: 6.5.21

Rise and shine came early this morning (for a Saturday): 7 a.m. Why? Fishing. Fishing is why. If it hadn’t been for the Queen jumping on my chest, I would’ve fallen quickly back to sleep, but apparently she wanted my clothes smelling like bass… and so they did. No pictures for proof, but they were biting. Very nice. If a sunburn proves anything, I’ve got the proof. This particular adventure was brought to its rightful conclusion with a tasty hotdog and a few beers. No complaints.

This afternoon turned into movie time and I can give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. I laughed, I cried… what more could you want. It is worth the last two minutes even if you don’t like the rest of it (which you will). Why is it that we wait until the last two minutes of our lives to live? Foolishness! It is never too late, so… live.

The Sunday sermon is in the book and ready to be preached. I worked from the idea: “When God is not enough.” The Saint, the ones with the capital “S”, can always say that God is enough, but it seems that we “s”aints struggle with this one a good bit. We seem to always be looking for something more. I try to work through this one tomorrow, whether successful or not, I’ll let you be the judge (be kind… I’ll never make “S”aint, so I’m doing the best I can.)

Finally, and speaking of the sermon, I’ve recently had a few questions about the black book that I have during the preachy time on Sunday morning. Answer: I am one that writes out the entire text of my sermon. I don’t stand up there and read it (boring!), but I do have it word for word with me in that book… I’ve no idea how many volumes I have, but many of them are on the shelves in my office. I print off the sermon in a format that’ll fit in the book, cut it to size, Elmer’s Glue stick it in, and then mark it up. I don’t always have to look at the book to know where I’m at, but I’ve practiced it enough times on a Sunday morning that I know where it is at on the page should I need to reference something. Below is a page from (I think) last Sunday’s sermon….

Having done this since 2004, I’ve got my system and it seems to work for me. Some say that they would never prepare before hand because they rely on the Holy Spirit to inspire them on a Sunday morning. Me… I figure the Holy Spirit can inspire a couple days before Sunday so that I don’t stand up there babbling like an idiot hoping that I can remember something stupid the cat did that’ll be relevant to the Gospel reading.

That’s it for now. Beauty rest calls and the Lord knows I need it. Pray you have a blessed Sunday.

Thought for the day: take the time to write an old-fashioned letter… pen to paper, stamps, licking the envelope… the recipient can run their fingers over the words and know that you were truly touching them.

One Reply to “Journal: 6.5.21”

  1. Excellent choice of movie! I agree about the whole living life in the last two minutes thing. Very much enjoying vacation… look forward to catching up with tomorrow’s service when I get home.

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