Camino: Coming together…

When things begin to happen, they happen fast.

I’ve been nervous all along about purchasing the ticket. This airline or that. Start here and then book my domestic flights later. Well, the card I do business with said, “Book through us” so I gave them a shot. How did they do? Flying first class or business from OKC to Madrid for less than what I could book ‘comfort’ on my own. Guess how I’ll be booking all my future travels! Jack may never think a “true pilgrim” would travel first or business class, but this particular pilgrim is delighted, having never travelled either!

The Credencial del Peregrino also arrived this week. “The Credencial does not generate any rights to the pilgrim. It has two practical purposes: 1) access to hostels offered by the Christian hospitality of the Way, 2) serve as certification in applying for the “Compostela” at the Cathedral of Santiago, which certifies you have made the pilgrimage. The “Compostela” is only granted to those who make the pilgrimage with Christian sentiment: devotionis affectu, voti vel pietatis causa (motivated by devotion, vote or mercy). And it is only granted to those who make the pilgrimage to reach the Tomb of the Apostle, doing in full at least the last 100 kilometres on foot or horseback, or the last 200 km by bike or 100 nautical miles and last km on foot.” (Source) Although I received a Credencial from the American Pilgrims on the Camino, I may still stop in the office in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port and get one there.

And then there is the training: yesterday five miles and today six. It continues. Back on July 30, I weighed in at 247.2. Today… drum roll please… 217.5. I’m not sure that I’ll make the 200 I’m going for by departure date, but I’m guessing I can at least make 207.

If things go according to plan, which I’m not really counting on, I should arrive at the Cathedral in late June. After a day or so of resting, I’m planning the additional sixty miles to Muxia. From there… Rome, but that is a different thing all together.

Oh… and I’ve been using the app Duolingo to learn a little Spanish, because I’m guessing, “Casa de pepe” will not get me a restroom.

One Reply to “Camino: Coming together…”

  1. No, “casa de pepe” won’t get you a bathroom, but “donde esta el bano?” will. LOL

    Might get you to Pepe’s house though. 🤣

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