Camino: 247.2

Photo by Lidye on Unsplash

At some point in 2001 (I was 36 and in my first year of seminary), the switch in my body that says, “You can eat all you want” was flipped to “You CANNOT eat all you want.” Ever since that point I’ve struggled maintaining even a healthy weight. Up and down. Up and down. Today the scale hit the number above (can’t bring myself to type it again).

What does this number mean? It means, unless absolutely necessary, I no longer wear shirts that tuck in. My suits don’t fit. My clericals are tight around my neck (19″). My knees hurt. I don’t sleep well. I can’t preach on gluttony. etc. etc. etc., but most importantly for this blog entry: I won’t be able to walk the Camino… and I’m GOING to walk the Camino, so I have to do something about that number. It starts today.

I won’t post everyday on this, but I’ll keep you up to date. For those around, when you see me back in my black suit, you’ll know I’ve made a bit of progress. When you see me in my gray suit… Yahtzee!

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