Reflection: TAK IOC Bk. 4, Ch.1.9

TAK = Thomas à Kempis

IOC = Imitation of Christ


Last year I had the opportunity to visit the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.  It was spectacular and truly I could have spent several days there poking into the various rooms, chapels, and nooks.  I would have liked the time to stop and pray here and there and allow my soul to drift upwards.  It seemed, for whatever worldly reason, that I was nearer to my God.  I would not call it a religious experience, but it came close.

Many people travel far to honor the relics of the saints, marveling at their wonderful deeds and at the building of magnificent shrines. They gaze upon and kiss the sacred relics encased in silk and gold; and behold, You are here present before me on the altar, my God, Saint of saints, Creator of men, and Lord of angels!

Often in looking at such things, men are moved by curiosity, by the novelty of the unseen, and they bear away little fruit for the amendment of their lives, especially when they go from place to place lightly and without true contrition. But here in the Sacrament of the altar You are wholly present, my God, the man Christ Jesus, whence is obtained the full realization of eternal salvation, as often as You are worthily and devoutly received. To this, indeed, we are not drawn by levity, or curiosity, or sensuality, but by firm faith, devout hope, and sincere love.

I wonder and am ashamed.  Here in my church in Enid, Oklahoma, below the sanctuary lamp and within the chamber of the Tabernacle is my Lord!  Why is it that I do not desire and seek to know the Living God, to explore Him as I did that great building of wood, stone, and mortar?

Turn the eyes of my soul to Thee, my God, that I may behold the glory of Thy Presence.  That I may seek Thee where Thou truly are.

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