Poem: Touch

This is one where I looked at the picture that I painted and then wrote the poem. Hope you can see it.

When you watch the sunrise alone
The sun not touching the sky
When you see a star
But not one that belongs
When you breathe
And the air escapes you
That is when you know
Love in the green and blue
Love when the red speaks
To the black
But should you touch the center
Where none are known
Then you will

I saw the sky come down on the dawn
I saw the sun set upon itself
I watched as night attracted them all
But then the sun rose
On a beach while I was alone
And there was your hand
Reaching for mine

We should escape to that place
That place of silence
That place where I watched
The sunrise alone

It is there that the silence
Wraps us in the caerulean sky
And the only star
Brightens the life of so many souls

Here we meet
Release me
Release me
Set me free to wander the night
The places where hate roams
But has no power
The place where pain screams
But has no feeling
The place where I have no voice
But the voice that is you

Drops of rain on the path
No matter

I watch the sunrise alone
And the star fell
I wake

A dream


Poem: Rules

there are rules

how we hate them

there are rules

but they must be followed

there are rules

but this is the night

they are broken


because the pink engaged the blue

the blue was overwhelmed

and the sky became an end


There are the days

when the moon shines

and the whiskey flows

but then there are days

when the atrocity of it all

melts in the pink of your flesh

cries for another day

and screams at the night of your death

to return to the day before


I’ll make the scars

that traverse my skin

waiting for the days

that you are buried in us


I saw the moon set

and the sun rise

there was no sleep



the pink engaged the blue

and the blue

and the blue


Journal: July 16, 2021

Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

#1 danger of journaling late at night… you might tell the truth!


You have to look at your own life. Your own sins. And then you wonder how you can change. At what point do we recognize that we’re not any better. You try so damn hard to be holy and righteous in the eyes of the Lord and fail so miserably every damn day. It’s funny how you look at the world differently. What do you want?

What if someone actually gives you permission to love? You don’t have to seek anyone’s approval, really not even your own. It is just something you know. Why sit around second-guessing your heart?

The world is full of such beautiful people. Where does hate come from? Why don’t we love the color of their lives?

To have someone pray for you in the language that they understand. Their words touch the face of God.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

I write these words because I have no voice to speak to Him. I write these words because the sun rose behind the moon and there was no light except for you.

Life should be color. A riot of color.

#1 danger of journaling late at night… you might tell the truth!

What I learned today: see above.

Thought for the day: We need more scars. They hide the fresh wounds.

Sleep well.

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